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Cinnamon & Black-pepper | Artisanal, Hand-made, Hand & Body Soap - 140g

€7,50 EUR
Indulge in the luxury of our artisanal hand and body soap, meticulously handcrafted to elevate your daily cleansing ritual.
This premium soap is a symphony of natural ingredients, blending Olive oil, Coconut oil, and Beeswax with the earthy richness of Black Pepper, soothing Oats, and purifying Kaolin.
Infused with high-grade essential oils like Thieves, Black Pepper, and Cinnamon from Young Living, each use promises a sensory journey that nourishes and revitalizes.
Formulated free from harsh chemicals, it's a pure, eco-conscious choice for your skin.
Presented in a handmade form, it's not just a soap; it's a natural luxury, ensuring a gentle, effective cleanse that leaves your skin feeling soft, refreshed, and beautifully cared for. Perfect for those who value quality, sustainability, and the art of traditional soap-making.



Olive oil (Olea europaea), Coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera), Beeswax (Cera Alba), Water (AQUA), Black pepper, Oats, Kaolin, **Thieves, **Black pepper oil (Piper nigrum), **Cinnamon oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum).

** Pure Grade essential oils from Young Living

How to care for me:

Please read the provided information to properly take care of me, so we can be together longer.

After using me, please place me on a bamboo or other wooden soap dish. I need air circulation to dry out before the next use. If you place me in a soap dish, I may start to melt and you will use me up faster. Please do not leave me on the corner of the bathtub or shower shelf for the same reasons mentioned in the first point. I love to travel, so take me with you. Put me in the bag I came in. If you take care of me correctly, I will serve you longer.

**Short Description:**

Experience natural care with our unique soap, infused with a blend of olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and a mix of black pepper, oats, and kaolin. Enriched with pure grade essential oils like Thieves, black pepper, and cinnamon from Young Living, it offers a nourishing and invigorating cleansing experience. To extend its life, let it dry on a soap dish and avoid keeping it in damp places. Perfect for travel, just carry it in its original bag. With proper care, enjoy its benefits for a longer time.

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Please read the information provided to care for me correctly, so we can be together longer.

After using me, please place me on a bamboo or wooden soap dish. I need air circulation to dry before the next use.

If you put me in a ceramic or clay soap dish, I may start to dissolve and wear out faster. Please do not leave me on the corner of the bath or the shower shelf for the reasons explained in the first point.

I really like to travel, so take me with you. Put me in the bag I came in. If you take care of me properly, I will serve you longer.

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Nourish & cleanse your skin

We use soap every day, multiple times per day. On the largest organ of our body, our skin. 

That means that the toxic load we expose our body to over weeks, months, and years can be huge!

That’s why it’s more important than ever to understand which ingredients are bad, good, necessary, and unnecessary. 

And that’s why we do not use any synthetic, questionable, or toxic ingredients in our hand & body soaps...

Look After Your Soap & It Will Look After You.

Making the switch to natural doesn’t have to be more expensive. 

In fact, if you follow our care instructions for your natural soap, it will surprise you just how many washes you can get from it.

Agne makes our hand & body soaps using the cold method which takes longer and requires a greater length for maturity. 

Once the soaps are made, we set them aside on our ‘soap rack’ for 2 weeks to mature. 

Then we place them in boxes with holes for another 4 weeks to dry out fully. 

After the drying stage has completed. We place them in airtight containers so the essential oils won't evaporate as quickly. 

This ensures that the soaps don’t turn into a mushy mess and remain solid for longer, yet lathering up beautifully.

did i mention they smell amazing aswell?

It took us a lot of soap bars before we realized how to formulate the soaps so that the essential oils react properly with one another and provide a delicate, natural, beautiful scent.

Working with natural products like essential oils is far more delicate and complicated than people imagine. 

Even the order in which the oils are poured can mean the difference between no smell and a beautiful earthy smell, like ‘walking in grandma's garden’.

Bio-Available Botanical Properties

Because we do not destroy the botanical properties of our base oils & essential oils by using high temperatures. We instead use the slower ‘cold method’ the amazing properties remain alive and intact, to be absorbed by your skin.

Natural Scent

Lasts Longer

The method we use is the ‘cold method’ and the post-production maturing process ensures a soap that lasts longer and doesn’t turn to mush. 

We do not use any artificial perfumes or fragrances. This means you are kleft with a soap that smells natural, light and botanical.

Remember… Because everything is made by hand in small batches. 

We only have a small amount of stock for each soap, if we are sold out please do not be upset with us. 

Contact us and we will see how we can help you.

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