Hello, I'm Agnė, an earthy personality who finds immense joy in nature, flowers, herbs, and cooking. For a decade, I explored the world, and five years ago, I decided to return to my native country. Here, I brought back a newfound appreciation for life's pleasures.

During my first pregnancy, I experienced a deep connection with nature, leaving a lasting impact on me. It was then that I realized the incredible beauty and healing properties of plants. This eye-opening experience ignited a spark in me, so I decided to pursue my passion by starting a handcrafted, natural skincare business, using only the finest ingredients from Mother Earth. I pour my heart and soul into creating products that nourish and restore the skin. These products reflect my deep love for all that is natural.

However, my journey doesn't end there. Family means everything to me, and I strive to create a flourishing, abundant life on our farm. There's nothing more satisfying than getting my hands dirty in the soil, caring for my precious flowers and herbs. Their vibrant colors and fragrant scents fill my days with joy and inspire me to live in harmony with the earth.

Regarding cooking, I embrace simplicity and highlight the true flavors of nature. I'm not an elaborate chef, but there's something magical about turning my garden's produce into delicious, healthy dishes. Spending time at the table with loved ones, savoring each bite, and sharing laughter and stories truly nourishes my soul.

With my feet firmly planted in Mother Earth, I embody a genuine, grounded approach to life. Nature is my sanctuary, fueling my passion to create a more sustainable and fulfilling way of life. Through my journey as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and guardian of the earth, I hope to inspire others to discover the beauty of nature and find their connection with the earth.