Hand-made, High-quality, Gentle Products that don't pollute the body or the earth.

Klein's Organic handmade skin, hair and home care products are created at low temperatures using natural ingredients. We aim to make our production process completely transparent.

We minimize the need for packaging and invest in and develop new and unique packaging systems, always with a focus on sustainability, plastic-free and community-oriented business practices.

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we started...

in our spare room

then we moved...

to our 1st workshop

and now...

we are in rural lithuania in 'Viekšniai'

In the birthplace of some of the most famous Lithuanian craftsmen

Susiję straipsniai

Try our dandruff free shampoo for sensitive scalps


We have a small, but popular selection of hair care products that are ideal for women or men who are suffering with dandruff. Feel free to contact us using the chat or by telephone for further information and help about your specific case and how our products might be the solution you have been searching for.

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