The story of how "Klein's Organic" was founded...

from the beginning

our history

It happened a long time ago, before I became a mother. Back then, I used various makeup products, perfumes, and bought scented candles for my home.

At that time, I knew nothing about the harmful ingredients used in body and face care products, perfumes, food, or even those candles.

Thank you to my aunt...

Years later, my aunt Ingrid began experimenting with natural cosmetics because she couldn't find creams suitable for her skin. She spent a lot of money and time searching to create her own formula!

Having created samples she was very satisfied with, she sent them for evaluation to my mother and grandmother.

Soon, my aunt realized that she couldn't do without high-quality essential oils. The problem was that they were really hard to find in Lithuania. So, she asked me to find the best and most suitable essential oils. And I did!

During Christmas, my husband and I returned to Lithuania to visit our family, and I brought the essential oils I found for Ingrid.

I was very curious about why my aunt needed them. That's when it happened – she showed me her own creams, which utterly fascinated me...

The quality and scent of the creams were much better than any I knew of in London. And the best part was that they were made only from natural ingredients!

family matters

 An Awakening…

At the age of 22, I had just begun to recognize all the harmful and unchecked ingredients in modern cosmetics, and I was interested in mass production and poor working conditions in the factories of such organizations.

The impression of artistic cream making quickly disappeared. It was no longer an art form, but just a list of recipes, according to which creams are made in huge quantities, with various equipment, to be stored on store shelves for years!

At the same time, I was fascinated by all the wonderful properties of herbs, macerates, and essential oils, so I began to read about them and study further.

Together with Ingrid, we started sharing all the information we could find – we communicated continuously. As soon as she made creams, she immediately sent them to me in London.

It felt so good to know that I was applying natural products to my skin. I can confidently say that only after starting to learn about the ingredients of modern cosmetics, you will appreciate products made from entirely natural ingredients.

I found out I was pregnant... then I began to pay MUCH MORE attention to all the chemical substances in diapers, wipes, powder, rash creams, laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids, etc.

I read that it only takes 25 minutes for chemical substances to enter our bloodstream through the skin. It becomes scary when you know very well about the products you use for home cleaning and their impact on child development.

How many women have "tested" these substances on themselves or even their children without realizing it.

I wanted a significant change! So, I decided to live as naturally as possible, thereby helping myself, my family, and the environment.

I ate organic and balanced food. I buy all products from local farmers.

I replaced everyday soap and laundry detergents with "Young Living" products until I learned to MAKE these products MYSELF.

Everything Started to Change…

During the 9 Months of Pregnancy

Me & Ingrid constantly talked about various herbs and essential oils, trying to improve our healthy lifestyle and reduce environmental pollution as much as possible.

We were satisfied with that, it seemed enough... But everything started to change!

Thank God, for the better.

One day my husband suggested leaving London! He wanted to live in nature, surrounded by grass and trees. I wanted the same, having grown up in a small town and being called a "country girl."

When our small family moved, I was very happy. But I also worried about what I would do there.

I began to explore working from home and wanted to start a small business. I asked myself, "What do I like and what would I really want to do?"

I love cooking, baking, and serving food. But that requires a lot of money and is really complicated with a newborn.

So, I started thinking about natural cosmetics. Whether people would like it, whether it would fit with my current lifestyle, or... – I thought about this throughout the pregnancy.

At that time, we reduced the amount of waste we produced at home, started reusing jars, bottles, and bags.

We paid more and more attention to the products we used in our daily routine. I read more about medicinal herbs, essential oils, and tinctures.

A Big Step…

When Gabriella was born, we moved to Lithuania, and then I started learning cream making.

I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to my aunt Ingrid for all the knowledge. She was an inspiration to me, I love her passion and enthusiasm.

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to learn from her.

Those were the best 8 months in a small kitchen, trying various recipes and creating something wonderful together. Something amazing and beneficial for our skin – this is what I want to share with the whole world.

Therefore, I offer you these wonderful, harmless body care products. Some of their ingredients you could find in your own gardens, orchards, kitchens, or pantries.

The quality, scent, and composition of the products are so good that you could eat them! Of course, I do not recommend doing that (laughs).

After 7 years of trials, errors, sweat, tears, and many spoiled batches... Now we share with you what we create with love.

We promote a "zero waste" culture and protect the planet.

We choose products that do not contain chemical substances.

There is no need to use petroleum, polysorbate-80, and other toxins or preservatives in beauty and cleaning products.

These harm us and our planet. There are much more sustainable and healthier ways and ingredients for manufacturing beauty and home care products.

I share my mission with you: "Beauty starts from within."

I advise using simple and clear composition, high-quality, natural, and organically grown products not just externally, but internally as well. It's important not only to consume beneficial food but also to have "harmless" thoughts. 

Therefore, I suggest finding at least one thing every day to be grateful for.

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Agnė Klein