Trust in Every Batch: Rigorously Tested and EU-Certified for Excellence

Harness the Power of Artisan Excellence: Elevate Your Range With Sustainable Luxury

  • Uniquely Yours: Tailor-Made Formulations Ensuring Marketplace Exclusivity: Discover formulations uniquely crafted for your brand’s identity, promising exclusivity and competitive edge in the marketplace.

  • Grow without Compromise: Ethically Sourced and Skillfully Crafted for Quality: Leverage scalable production that upholds artisanal excellence, blending expert craftsmanship with ethically sourced ingredients for premium quality.

  • Certified Excellence: Rigorously Tested for Unmatched Quality Assurance: Trust in our commitment to quality with products rigorously tested by third parties and certified to meet EU's stringent standards, ensuring safety and excellence.

  • Sustainable Impact: Eco-Conscious Practices to Elevate Your Eco-Friendly Brand: Embrace sustainability with our zero-waste approach and environmentally thoughtful packaging, designed to resonate with your eco-conscious clientele.

White Label Service





EU-Certified: A Commitment to Excellence and Safety

At Klein’s Organic, our pledge to safety, quality, and transparency isn't just a promise—it's a practice. Our skincare and haircare products proudly bear the EU certification, affirming our adherence to some of the world's most rigorous regulatory standards. This mark is your assurance of products crafted not only with care but with the utmost respect for consumer health and ethical standards.

Product Information File (PIF)

Every product comes with a detailed file ensuring compliance from formulation to packaging, laying the groundwork for transparency and accountability.

Safety Assessment

A fundamental cornerstone of our commitment, this thorough assessment ensures each product is safe for all skin types under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions.

Compliance with Restricted Substances

Our formulations strictly adhere to the EU’s regulations on prohibited and restricted substances, guaranteeing product safety and environmental sustainability.

Product Labeling

Our labeling provides comprehensive information, from ingredient lists to product use instructions, ensuring transparency and consumer trust.

Notification to the CPNP

Prior to market introduction, we register each product with the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP), a declaration of our products’ compliance with EU standards.

Artisanal Products at Scale

Even with hand-made products, we achieve substantial scale while adhering to high standards and European quality requirements.

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Create Prime Spots

For Retailers: Create Prime Spots for Exceptional Beauty and Homecare Products

Position your retail brand distinctly with our exclusive, artisanal natural care products, handcrafted in the serene landscapes of Lithuania.

By enhancing your assortment with our offerings, you drive customer loyalty and establish your outlets as prime spots for exceptional quality and sustainability.

With our White Label Service, curate an inventory that not only resonates with the ethos of discerning shoppers but also leverages our robust product certifications and logistical support, including barcode creation, transforming your space into a haven of unmatched beauty and wellness.



Retailers aspiring to become prime spots for exceptional beauty and homecare products.

Agne Klein rankose laiko stiklinį medetkų hidrozolio buteliuką, ką tik pagamintą Viekšniuose

Established Brands aiming to broaden their horizons,

As an established presence in the market, your journey towards excellence is ongoing. Seamlessly expand your offerings with our bespoke, environmentally conscious skincare and home care lines. 

For Startup Brands: Launch with Distinction

Accelerate your market entry with our European-crafted, naturally-sourced product lines, eliminating the hassle of product development and ensuring your brand stands out with quality and sustainability from day one. 

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